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Agriculture in Whatcom County

Whatcom County's Economy

Whatcom County's economy has been based on agriculture for millennia. As one of the most productive farming regions in the United States, Whatcom County is home to well-known brands such as Twin Brook Creamery, Bellewood Acres, Edaleen Dairy, Boxx Berry Farm, Darigold and Hopewell Farm, among others. The county has more than 100,000 acres of fertile farmland in the Pacific Northwest.

People have been drawn to Whatcom County's perfect farming environment since the 18th century. Significant yield may be achieved because of the fertile land and moderate environment.

Sustainable Connections' Whatcom Food and Farm Finder showcases a wide range of local produce, from sweet strawberries to crisp romaine to savory mushrooms, all grown in Whatcom County.

Whatcom County provides a wide range of financing alternatives to support local farmers since agriculture is such an important part of the local economy. The Community Food Co-op offers a particular loan/grant fund for farmers, in addition to the bigger local banks and smaller credit unions.

Thanks to Whatcom County's central location halfway between Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia, Washington's burgeoning export sector is right in your backyard.

With a deepwater marine port, train connectivity, an international airport, and close access to I-5, Whatcom County's unique location may help your locally-grown goods reach a worldwide market. In fact, $14.8 billion worth of exports travels through Whatcom County's five ports of entry every year.