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Best Hiking Trails near Mount Vernon, WA

About Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon has 50+ multi-purpose trails that are simple to access. For enjoyment, camaraderie, and safety, walk with a partner. Enjoy year-round hiking on an extensive network of hiking trails through municipal parks and greenways, with views of the Skagit River and the mountains.

There is so much to see and do in Mount Vernon and Skagit County. Here is the list of the most famous hiking trails near Mount Vernon:

Little Mountain Trails

Little Mountain Park has 11 miles of multi-use trails. On 517 acres of varied terrain, there is a network of pathways. Little Mountain Park has panoramic views of the Skagit Valley, Puget Sound, and the Olympic Mountains. There are multi-use and hiker-only trailheads available.

The Hillcrest Park

Hillcrest Park has a 0.25-mile circle that is situated inside the park. Stroll around the lower Hillcrest Park's woodland park, and you'll forget you're in a city park.

Riverloop Trail

The route starts behind Walmart's northwest corner. The route is a 9-mile round trip and starts out paved before turning to gravel as you travel south, crossing a stormwater pond on your left. The graveled segment of the route takes a number of mild curves and leads you up a little hill to a pond before returning you to the paved area of the trail where you started.

Ted Reep Trail

The route begins in a field northwest of the lower Salem Lutheran Church parking lot. The path circles the field west of the church before turning right into the dense grass. Follow the main route to the left at the split in the trail. This gently curving dirt route leads you through a woody region of native plants before arriving at a clearing with a stunning vista of the Skagit River. The one-way track is 1.4 miles long, and visitors should use care since the trail and terrain are affected by river levels and are blocked during floods.

Oyster Dome

The round trip distance is 6.5 miles. The elevation gain is 1900 feet. There are many beautiful views of Samish Bay and the San Juan Islands.

The Pacific Northwest Trail leads to the trailhead, which soon ascends the slope of Blanchard Mountain. The route winds through second-growth alder, Western red cedar, and Douglas fir woodland, with multiple switchbacks.

Lottie Point Loop

On one of Deception Pass' most famous circuits, take in the lake, wildflowers, and Olympic views. The Lottie Point Loop path is a beautiful branch of a bigger trail system that takes you past towering cliff sides and through unspoiled beaches for some of Washington's cleanest, bluest water.