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If you are one of the millions of people who experience pain when sitting, I’d like to introduce you to a good solution to your troubles- the ERGO-Pedic Comfort Cushion

Hi! I’m the founder of ERGO-Pedic Products. About 1 year ago, right after a $100,000 back surgery, a new complication appeared for me - I couldn’t sit at my desk chair for more than about 20 minutes before excruciating pain developed.

I found out there weren’t a lot of treatment choices to address my pain- basically, addictive pain killers, expensive shots and worst of all, possibly more surgery. None of those sounded very appealing, and worse yet, they weren’t guaranteed to relieve my pain, long term. So, I started looking for other ways to make sitting less painful.

That’s when I discovered orthopedic memory foam seat cushions. I tried several brands that were on the market, but they were either too hard or too soft, and a couple just went flat after a few uses. That said, they DID seem to help initially. So I decided to develop what would become the ERGO-Pedic Comfort Cushion.

Using only the highest quality memory foam and the most durable, and breathable fabric cover material, we designed a seat cushion that both conforms to the anatomy, providing good protection for sensitive areas of the lower back, hips, tailbone, or coccyx, and that lessens or in most cases, relieves sitting pain.

Let me tell you, I and thousands of our customers have finally been able to enjoy sitting without pain! If you’ve never had this problem, you won’t understand. But if you are a pregnant mom with coccydinia, someone who had fallen and damaged their tailbone, someone who experiences sciatica, chronic hip and joint pain, disc pain, arthiritis in the lower back, you know this is no laughing matter.

The first thing you’ll discover when you open the ERGO-Pedic Comfort Cushion, is it’s unique shape. Unlike flat or inflatable donut cushions, the ERGO-Pedic Comfort Cushion IS ergonomically designed. This means that it works by reducing pressure on painful areas of the legs, hips and buttocks by spreading your body weight around evenly. Then notice, the cutout in the back of the cushion. This serves a very important function. This the cutout facing the back. When you sit, this eliminates pressure directly on the lower spine and coccyx area. It also can reduce pressure for people suffering from hemorrhoids and men suffering from prostatitis.

When you sit down, the memory foam conforms to your body, with gentle resistance so it will never go flat. There are no hard edges to cut off leg circulation. ERGO-Pedic makes 2 versions of the seat cushion- the Regular, and the Gentle, for anyone weighing 140 lbs, (65 kgs) or less. Notice also that the cushion has a zipper to allow you to remove the cover for easy washing.

Because the cushion is light, you can easily take your ERGO-Pedic Comfort Cushion anywhere. Use at home, at the office, in the car, on hard bleacher seats, even on a long plane fight or in a wheelchair.

We’re so confident the ERGO-Pedic Comfort Cushion will help reduce your sitting pain, that we offer a 90 Day, 100 per cent, Customer Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee. Try our Comfort Cushion for a full 90 days and if it doesn’t help you sit longer, with less pain, we’ll give you your money back, guaranteed!

When you’re ready to discover how to enjoy sitting, with less pain, you can find the ERGO-Pedic Comfort Cushion at, at and on other quality ecommerce sites.

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