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If you want to kick back and relax, this is the boat for you. Comparing the Bee to the other boats in the harbor is like comparing a limo to a city bus. A warm heated cabin, a sunny flying bridge, and hand rails that allow you to walk all around the decks. Our short cruises start a $69/person and the day long circumnavigations of the island start at $135/person. Join Lita and I for the best time you'll have in Friday Harbor :-)

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Friday Harbor Cruises

195 Calypso Ln Friday Harbor, WA
(360) 317-4321

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  • Monday08:00AM - 08:00PM
  • Tuesday08:00AM - 08:00PM
  • Wednesday08:00AM - 08:00PM
  • Thursday08:00AM - 08:00PM
  • Friday08:00AM - 08:00PM
  • Saturday08:00AM - 08:00PM
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