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Local Businesses in Burlington, WA

Burlington is the "hub" of trade and industry in northwest Washington, according to more than 1,200 businesses. Burlington's booming retail area, located at the busy intersection of Interstate 5 and State Route 20, midway between Seattle and Vancouver, Canada, is approaching $1 billion in yearly sales.

More than 8 million square feet of business and industrial space are supported by Burlington's 1,300 commercial and industrial property acres, with more being built each year. Burlington's success is based on more than just its central position. The city's low sales and property taxes, as well as some of the region's lowest utility rates and levies, continue to attract new enterprises.

Burlington's commercial and industrial land is "shovel ready," with easy access to major transportation routes, plentiful utilities, and a city-owned fiber-optic network. The pleasant development review staff in Burlington is eager to help new and expanding businesses in the city.

Local Businesses in Burlington, WA
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