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Indoor and Outdoor Garden Supplies - Focus on indoor gardening, fertilizers and amendments - (GH, Fox Farm, Aurora Innovations - Roots Organics, Humboldt County's Own, Cutting Edge, Botanicare, Dyna-Gro, RAW, Grow More, Jack's by J.R. Peters, Inc., Technaflora, Mother Plant, Espoma, Earth Juice, Bat Guanos and more), soil (Black Gold Seedling Mix, Light Warrior Agro-ponic Seedling Mix, Happy Frog Soil Conditioner, Happy Frog, Ocean Forest, Coco Loco, Lucky Dog K-9, Sunshine Mix #4, Pro-Mix HP w/Mycorrhizae, Aurora Innovations - Roots Organics 707, several coco's to choose from, grodan rockwool, Growstone, Growstone Coco mix, Hydrocorn, Hydroton, Perlite, Vermiculite, Earth worm castings, Bat Guano - powder and liquid), pesticides and fungicides, Sulfur and Sulfur burners, h2o chillers, dehumidifiers, cO2 bags, 1/4" and up fittings (connectors, elbows, tees, 1/4"- 1" Black Tubing, Air tubing, Rubber Grommets and Quick Clamps, etc.), Rope per foot, Chain per foot hydroponics - trays and reservoirs, Ez-clone and Turbo clone machines, Neoprene Inserts and clone solutions and Rooting Hormones, Clone or seedling trays, inserts, domes, Rapid Rooters, Oasis Horti- and Rootcubes, Gro-dan, Jiffy, 3'-8' Bamboo, Heavy Duty Plant Support Cages 48" and 66", Coco pots, Nursery Pots, Plant Warrior Pots, 6"-12" Mesh Bottom Pots, Smart Pots 1 GL-15GL, Grow Bags, Clear, Green and Black saucers, 2"-8" Net Pots, 3 & 5 GL Heavy Duty Black Buckets and Net Pot Bucket lids 6"-10", Mylar and B & W Poly/Panda Film, lighting - T5 florescent setups and single bulbs- grow or bloom spectrums, CFL, 400w-1000w HPS/MH Standard and Electronic Ballasts, Bulbs and variety of Reflectors, Double ended ballast, hood and bulb adjustable setup, air and water pumps, fans - 4"-12" inline, 6" clip-on,12"-18" floor, 12"-18" wall mount, boosters and axial. Ducting 4"-12" (Y's, Connectors, Elbows, etc), duct silencers, 4"-12" charcoal filters, pH, EC and TDS instruments and solutions, Harvesting supplies and MORE...

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Mike's Indoor Garden Supply

6121 - 172nd St NE Bldg A Arlington, WA
(360) 474-1900